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Software and Satellite Solutions

Replicade offer licensing for their in-house, patented CAD/CAM system for highly efficient production of high-quality foam inlays.

We also can provide full manufacturing satellite solutions



RAMForm is our patented in-house CAD/CAM software. Using RAMForm, you produce high quality custom foam inlays for new and existing tools in a high-quality and highly-efficient way.

Easy to Use and Fully Integrated

RAMForm provides the ability to design and manufacture foam inlays in an easy to use and fully-integrated CAD/CAM package. RAMForm has been refined over the years through constant use in producing a wide variety of foam inlays. Our integrated "one-click" CAM engine produces highly efficient CNC code in seconds.

Patented Push-Downs

Our patented "push-down" system maximises the space available on a foam and makes it easy to remove a tool from the foam - push down on one end of the tool and the other end will pop up.

RAMForm seamlessly integrates the three-dimensionality of the tool apertures without CAD skills. Our CAM engine uses this information automatically to produce optimised CAM for CNC machining.



RAMScan is a free app available from the Apple App Store which enables your customers to capture high-quality imagery of the assets without the assets needing to leave site.

Easy and Simple to Use

RAMScan acts as a "smart camera" and provides the user with feedback in real-time about the quality level of the photo capture. This includes levelness, framing, exposure levels and auto-digitisation suitability.

Capture Simple and Complex 

RAMScan can be used to capture single items or entire foams in one image. The latter functionality is exceptionally efficient for digitisation of tool cabinets which are already tooled or museum storage.

Replicade Satellites

Machine high quality foam inlays faster with a Replicade Satellite system

We offer the complete package for machining foam inserts using the process we have developed over two decades of delivering high quality foam inserts to the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

We have a number of worldwide customers who have transformed their foam production using a Replicade Satellite System.

Replicade Design Software

We have developed the Design and CAM software in house in order to streamline the digitisation, reduce machining times while producing the best possible finish.

The software uses our patented push-downs to maximise the space on each inlay, while making each tool easy to remove.   

On Site Training

We will help you get up to speed with the whole end-to-end process, ensuring you can start machining high quality foams as soon as possible.


Replicade High Speed Machining Centre

These are the same high quality CNC machines we use every day. We will provide some foam as well to get you started. We will also provide a one year service for the Machining Centre.


We are happy to discuss additional options such as ongoing software support (post 12 months), additional training/servicing or custom software enhancements.

If you have existing CNC routers, we are also happy to discuss software only options.

Please contact us for a quote

Our team thrives on delivering high quality tool control solutions to clients. Get in contact, we'd be happy to discuss your Asset Control requirements