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How our story starts

In 2001, Replicade was founded as a foam inlay manufacturing company in Stewarton, Scotland. We were focused on producing high quality foam inserts and tool control foams for aerospace companies.

Working with clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and Oceania, this started to expand to cover other diverse sectors, including automotive, cultural heritage, food and drink and medical and healthcare.

In 2013, the growth of the foam business prompted a new office in Blackpool, England as a second manufacturing hub.

We now have a dedicated development team as well as a manufacturing team to support our products.

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How the foam drives the technology

In late 2001, we designed and built our own software (RAMForm) for designing the foam inserts.

This led to our patent (GB2490566), which covers the multi-depth push-downs that we can offer in our tooled foams.

Then in 2015, we extended the software to generate the CAD/CAM files that are run on the routing machines. The main driver was to streamline and improve our own manufacturing process while maintaining the high quality finish of our foam tooling.

In 2016, we released a custom app (RAMScan) designed to streamline the initial steps of production process, namely the images of the items that were to be profiled for control foams.

Leveraging the centralised platform and the modular architecture, the electronic locking module (RAMLock) naturally fitted well with the tool control cabinets we offer, allowing the users to both control access to individual drawers through an app.

Building on this, the next app (RAMAudit) was released to allow Replicade foam users to audit their foam in real-time. RAMLoop provides a real-time audit trail that is tamper-proof.

How the technology platform drives connected manufacturing

Building our own custom software has driven our innovation in connected manufacturing.

Our RAMLoop platform was built initially to support a cloud-based RAMForm but the possibilities of connected manufacturing were soon realised.

From one platform, everything is connected and the selection of different modules offers different asset management possibilities to streamline your own production and reduce costs!

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