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We were chosen as finalists for CivTech 2.0 and have been working with Historic Environment Scotland on their challenge:

How can we better track visitor numbers to unmanned sites?

Historic Environment Scotland are responsible for more than 300 important historic sites and understanding visitor traffic is critical for conservation and visitor experience. Many of these sites are remote, unstaffed, have limited network connectivity and no access to power which makes existing monitoring systems impossible or not cost-effective to use.

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Rugged, low-power footfall counter

To be suitable for all of Historic Environment Scotland’s many and varied properties, we have developed RAMSense - a rugged, low-power Internet of Things sensor device.

  • It provides real-time visitor count information, environmentals and telemetry to a cloud-based infrastructure.
  • It offers modular communication options, including 3G, WiFi, LoRa and SigFox.
  • It uses sophisticated power management and energy harvesting to minimise costly ongoing maintenance costs. 
  • The unit is non-intrusive and can be easily mounted on existing fences and gates

Innovative Sensor Platform

The sensor platform we have designed is not specifically a footfall counter. The modular design and complex power management is a separate framework that can be leveraged with different types of sensor.

We are already looking at expanding the sensor options that we can offer with RAMSense, particularly those relevant for the following industries; Tourism, Environmental and Agriculture.

If you are interested in the RAMSense Platform, please let us know!

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