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Connected Asset Management

RAMLoop is our custom cloud-based Asset Management platform. Offering a completely joined-up approach, it leverages new technologies such as mobile devices, Bluetooth, RFID, Internet of Things, GPS and iBeacons, unifying them into a real-time data platform.

Our innovative RAMLoop platform has a range of technology modules which can be fitted together to provide a wide range of Asset Management solutions. These modules include electronic access (RAMLock), real-time asset tracking (RAMTrack), real-time auditing (RAMAudit) and foam inlay manufacturing (RAMForm).

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Key Benefits

The whole system is designed to be real-time, modular and scalable, while also being simple to integrate into existing systems.

Each of the RAMLoop’s core modules can be used on their own or in combination to help to:

  • Streamline production
  • Reduce Cost
  • Optimise Control Procedures
  • Improve safety