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About RAMForm

Replicade Ltd. have been manufacturing Tool Control foam inlays for nearly 20 years. Over this time, we have developed our proprietary in-house CAD/CAM system called RAMForm.

RAMForm is our patented technology solution for cost-effective foam inlay manufacture. RAMForm enables you to quickly digitise objects, layout foams in 2D and produce full 3D data. RAMForm then converts this data into optimised CNC code via its built-in CAM module.

RAMForm is designed to provide the shortest, most cost-effective path from concept to completion of foam inlay projects. Our patented manufacturing process enables us to produce bespoke foams in any quantity.

With the completion of several new Replicade RAMLoop products, we are now actively producing foams for Cultural Heritage artefact transit and storage. Our RAMScan product allows curators to image artefacts on-site and our Autotrace product enables cost-efficient manufacture of large and complex one-off foams. This is a new and exciting area for Replicade.

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Key Benefits


  • Offers a complete foam inlay manufacturing solution, typically supplied with a proven CNC manufacturing centre
  • Digitises any object of any size without the need for expensive hardware such as 3D scanners, turntables or lightboxes
  • Generates CAM with our one-click "Meander" module
  • Produces bulk and one-off inlays cost-effectively
  • Gives you total control of your foam inlay manufacturing costs
  • RAMForm drawings seamlessly integrate with other Replicade RAMLoop products for Asset Management such as RAMAudit and RAMLock

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RAMForm contains a powerful CAD modelling engine that enables you to quickly and efficiently digitise objects and lay those objects out on foams.

RAMForm models objects not just as visual elements but also contains rich 2.5D information for automatic reconstruction of 3D apertures and multi-level CAM. This is a core part of our technology patent. This dense information also automatically enables you to undertake sophisticated Asset Management with no further effort via our other products such as RAMAudit and RAMLock.

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To provide a complete end-to-end foam inlay manufacturing solution, RAMForm contains an integrated CAM module. This module has been designed to produce optimised CNC with a single click saving you both machining time and operator time.

Meander supports a wide variety of CNC such as the Trend Machining Centres, ATOM FlashCut, VFH and generic unbranded CNC routers. We also support the Trend Micro routers which are excellent for small test cuts.

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RAMForm contains an "auto-digitisation" module called Autotrace which, in conjunction with our optional RAMScan app, provides rapid digitisation of objects.

Autotrace has the following benefits:

  • Automatic extraction of object profiles
  • No requirement for bulky and expensive hardware, such as lightboxes, 3D scanners or turntables
  • Autotrace can process multiple shapes simultaneously enabling you to profile and layout foams from one image
  • Powerful simplification and processing tools further reduce manual work

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RAMForm not only works as a standalone desktop application but also provides collaborative workflow via our RAMServer product.

The collaborative module enables multiple users to work on the same parts catalogues, foams and jobs sharing the workload for increased efficiency and reduced cost.

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