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Heritage Storage Foams

Getting Started

  1. Determine the storage space configuration which will work best for your application. This may be new or existing drawer storage or mobile cases.
  2. We will work with you to catalogue and digitally photograph all needed information at your location - no need to send items away for profiling!
  3. Once all the images are digitised, we will provide you with layout drawings, showing the finalised profiles and how the items will be arranged on the foams
  4. Foam inserts are normally shipped two to three weeks after you have given us layout approval
  5. A unique number is assigned to each foam insert layout to make re-ordering or future modifications very simple.
[ 3D Printed Sculpture with travel foam ]

Key Benefits

  • You can take the foam layout photos yourself! Using our RAMScan product, you can lay out the items in the correct order and take a photo that can then be used to create the foams.
  • We use Plastazote┬« Foam which is closed cell polyethylene foam - it is lightweight, waterproof, oilproof, chemically inert, flexible and available in a large range of colours and densities!
  • Two-color foam permits immediate visual audits. If you can see the alert color - an item has been removed!
  • Three-dimensional routing matches the profile of each item to accurately position and protect the items in the foam.

[ CAD/CAM Software in action ]

Storage Foams

We can provide foam layouts for storage units of any size and shape

We DO NOT need to remove items from your facility to provide foam profiles.

You approve all layouts prior to production.

Contact us for a quote or more information.

Travel and Outreach Cases

Mobile cases large and small can be fitted with custom foam to organize, protect and identify your components in a glance.

We can provide the total package - the right case custom fitted with foam for your project.

Contact us for a quote or more information.


The foam colour and density can be customised from a large range of options to suit your requirements. We can also add:

  • Handholds onto the foam edges - for easy access to multi-layer foams.
  • Fingerholds or push-downs - to make it easy to remove an item from the foam
  • Tally or barcode slots - for each item
  • Custom friction fit - we can customise the exact fit for each item profile

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