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Replicade Heritage

If you are not sure where to start or are looking for help for an existing project, our experienced team can help  

Replicade Heritage Storage

We offer bespoke storage foams for artifact storage and handling boxes

Storage Foam

We can provide foam inserts for artifacts of any size and shape, with a contasting alert colour, making it easy to see if any items are missing.           

Digitisation can be done at your location

You do not need to send the items away to be profiled. We have a process that will enable you to take the photos we require with the layout placement you require.


Handling Boxes

Handling boxes large and small can be fitted with custom foam to organize, protect and identify your components in a glance. We can also source the outer box/case, if needed.


We can add customisable  fingerholds or handholds to each item,  to enable it to be carefully lifted from the foam. We can also  customise how much space there is around the item. 

Key Benefits

  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM - We use PlastazoteĀ® Foam which is closed cell polyethylene foam. It is lightweight, waterproof, oilproof, chemically inert, flexible and available in a large range of colours and densities!
  • HIGH QUALITY FINISH - Three-dimensional routing matches the profile of the item to accurately position and protect the items in the foam. 
  • ON SITE DIGITISATION - We can either come to your location and digitise the items, or we can provide you with the required background grids and a digitisation guide on how to take the photos we require and you can take the photos yourself. No need to remove any items from your location.
  • EASY TO AUDIT - The two-color foam permits immediate visual audits. If you can see the alert color - an item is missing!

Getting Started

Turning your items into storage  foams

  1. Determine the storage requirements for your Project - This may involve new or existing drawer storage or mobile cases. If new storage is required, we can provide the whole package; high quality cabinets or handling boxes complete with custom storage foam.
  2. Provide us with digital images of the items on our scanning grids - We can work with you to catalogue and digitally photograph all needed information at your location.
  3. Customise your foam - you can choose between different colour options and densities of foam. We can also add fingerholds, hand holds, tally holders and other options that will tailor your foam exactly to your requirements. If an item needs lifted or supported in a particular way, discuss this with your Replicade Rep.
  4. We will provide you with layout drawings once all the items are digitised - these show the finalised profiles, and how the items will be arranged on the foams. 
  5. Once you provide us with Layout Approval, your custom foam inserts will be sent for machining - the foam inserts are normally shipped two to three weeks after you have given us layout approval.
  6. Re-ordering is simple - A unique number is assigned to each foam insert layout to make re-ordering or future modifications very simple.


Drive to Deliver

Our team thrives on delivering high quality foam storage solutions to clients.  Do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your project!