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Replicade IoT Consultancy

Our experienced team can help you turn your connected device idea into a reality  

Replicade IoT Consultancy

With the advances in Internet of Things technologies, more is possible than ever before.  

If you are not sure where to start or are looking for help for an existing project, our experienced team can help!

Develop your IoT ideas

Direct your IoT strategies

Build your IoT solutions

Streamline your IoT deliveries

From Idea to Delivery 

  • EXCITING MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES - Do  you want to engage your customers or users in a new way using connected devices, QR codes, beacons or AR Apps?
  • COLLECT NEW DATA - Are you missing key information that could be easily collected using an IoT sensor?
  • STREAMLINE EXISTING PROCESSES - Could an existing process be simpified or streamlined by using IoT technologies to centralise or automate processes?  

Drive to Deliver

Our team thrives on delivering ideal solutions to clients.

Working closely with clients, we create custom IoT solutions that span full-stack development and  involve designing new hardware, firmware, scalable backend systems, web applications and mobile apps.

Our team includes UX designers, technical architects, strategists and skilled developers who design and build scalable, integrated solutions that streamline the complicated.

Get in contact, we'd be happy to discuss your IOT project!