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Replicade Electronic Access Control

Bringing flexible keyless multi-lock access ....within your control!


RAMLock is our exciting electronic locking product, which combines seamless multi-lock access control and audit transparency on individual access to different units.

Seamless Multi-Lock Access Control

From a single unit, multiple locks can be controlled by a single access card.

Precise control of assets

Each RAMLock unit can be individually configured with different access lists.


Centrally Controlled Access

Easily add or remove access as staff are reassigned to different areas using the centralised access list.

Real-time Audit Trail

 A centralised activity log provides timestamped access information, providing traceability and accountability for all units

Tracking Responsibility not individual tools

By tracking responsibility for tools, not tracking the individual tools, RAMLock will give you the traceability you need with minimal change to your current processes

  • INCREASED TRACEABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY - With the centralised real-time audit trail, you can easily identify when and who accessed a particular drawer or unit.
  • INDIVIDUAL DRAWER ACCESS CONTROL - With the RAMLock System, you can restrict different drawers in the same unit to different users
  • EASY TO ADD TO EXISTING UNITS - RAMLock units can be fitted onto existing tool cages, individual drawers or full cabinets.
  • OFF GRID OPTION - For areas where there is no internet access, RAMLock can still provide excellent access control and auditing.

Customisable Access Options

The RAMLock hardware is modular in design to allow each unit to be customised to your specification.

RAMLock supports the below different authentication options individually or in combinations.


Access cards, keyfobs, wristbands

Mobile and Tablet Devices



Numerical  access code

Industry Examples

Example 1:

Six-drawer tool cabinet with swipe card access, with top two drawers with general user authorisation and the rest requiring privileged access to unlock.

Example 2:

Wall-mounted, single-door pharmaceutical cabinet with keyfob access, with real time audit trail when door is opened

Example 3:

Single cage with single lock for storing hazardous chemicals. The access list is restricted and monitored via the centralised audit trail.

RAMLock Access Control 

For two decades, Replicade have been delivering world-class asset management solutions into the aerospace and automotive sectors.   

If you are looking to improve your asset control with electronic access, talk to our experienced team about RAMLock

If you are not sure where to start or are looking for help for an existing project, we are are happy to discuss your access control requirements